Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Path of Glory (Book One) Prologue


Each chapter is a stand alone testimony illustrating different aspects of the faith and how God moved in the lives of the individuals to bring about His purposes, whether it be physical healing, material needs, forgiveness, emotional healing, bringing His peace into relationships, and sometimes deliverance from evil spirits. The author’s own spiritual journey unfolds through each testimony as the Lord teaches her new things, often through incidents within her own family, to which many of the testimonies relate.


He thought it was a dream

My Father told me,

“Do what you are supposed to do.”

During my first communion with the Spirit, I burst into tears, because I felt that I would not be capable of committing to obey Him. I cried on the shoulder of my father and told him how I could feel the presence of the Spirit. He comforted me and told me his own encounter.

He said, it happened when we, his children were still in college. One Sunday afternoon, while taking a nap, he heard a sweet gentle voice calling his name. When he opened his eyes, he saw a very beautiful lady wearing an immaculate white gown, smiling at him. He was astounded and felt so unworthy to face her, so he knelt on the floor, telling the Lady to forgive him. He closed his eyes, cried and mulled it over. He was thinking, maybe it was just a dream. He looked up again, still the Lady was standing in front of him. With a sweet, gentle voice, she said, “My son, one of your children is going to be commissioned by the Lord to serve.” In a very soft voice, close to a murmur, he accepted and said yes.

He did not relate this “vision” to anyone in his family but kept it in his heart. When I told him about my experience, he then learned I was the one and told me of his “vision”. He said to me, “I waited for this. Baby, fulfill what is asked of you.”